Freight Management Services

Transporting and storing waste requires skilled handling that you can trust, every step of the way. It is especially critical to understand every aspect of safe handling and transportation when working with hazardous waste. As a company that manages millions of tons of waste every year, Geocycle offers professional waste transportation services, staffed by qualified operators with the training and certifications necessary to do the job right.

Transportation of your waste is coordinated by our in-house freight management services. Whether solid or liquid, hazardous or non-hazardous, we are equipped to safely handle your waste transport. A complete network of facilities nationwide also ensures that no matter where you are located, we can help you solve your waste disposal problems. And with one point of contact for both disposal and shipping, our customers enjoy a more efficient, hassle-free process.

Once at our facility, your waste is securely stored in an approved manner until it can be destroyed.

Destruction and documentation
Your waste is destroyed using a procedure called co-processing, and you receive documentation of destruction when the process is complete.

For more information on this secure form of waste destruction, visit the co-processing page of this website.